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Mercy Wangui Waigwa - Master of Science in Procurement & Logistics, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya

Dr. Agnes Njeru - Lecturer, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya


The central aim of contract management is to obtain the services as agreed in the contract and achieve value for money. Therefore, this study sought to establish the factors influencing contract management in Public Security Agencies. The specific objectives of the study were: to assess the influence of policy framework guidance on contract management in the Public Security Agencies; to examine the effects of the service markets on contract management in Public Security Agencies, and to establish the influence of training and motivation of procurement personnel on contract management in the Public Security Agencies. The study reviewed related literature in contract management and relate it to the objectives of the study and the research questions. The study adopted a case study research design. The population of the study was employees working with the procurement department of the Kenya Police Service who are sixty seven in number. Census method was used as the sampling method where all the supply chain management officers were considered. Questionnaire and interview schedule were used to collect data. The quantitative data was coded and entered into Statistical Packages for Social Scientists (SPSS) Version 21.0 and analyzed using descriptive statistics where frequencies and percentages were computed and inferential statistics where Pearson’s correlation analysis and multivariate linear regression were computed. Study results were presented in frequency and percentage tables and charts while the explanation to the same presented in prose. The findings of the study indicated that procurement policy framework guidelines are important for the success of the contracts in public agencies, however it had lowest effect compare to the other two factors. The study also established that enhanced service markets using tools such as ICT will enhance efficient contract management among the public agencies. The study further established that training and motivation correlated significantly with the success of contract management meaning that employees need to have the skills and knowledge needed to make the contract management effective. The three factors had positive and statistically significant effect as explained by the correlation and regression results.  This study concludes that effective management of contracts of whatever size and for whatever purpose is an essential requirement all public sector agencies and for this to happen then the agencies must ensure an effective policy framework, a good service market with improved ICT facilities and effective training and motivation of the staff..  The study recommended enhancing of the public procurement policy framework, improving on service markets and enhancing training and motivation of the staff to enhance effective contract management in the public agencies.

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