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Ruth Wawira Gitari - Masters Student, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Caroline Nderi (PhD)- Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Kenyatta University, Kenya


Performance of security sector plays an important role in providing security services in Kenya. However, in the recent past there has been a high rate of insecurity in various organizations due to low achievement by employees’ in the security sector. According to the discussion held with employers of 911 Group Company, Mombasa branch (2019), the appraisal system has been found not to be active, lack a persistent, dependable, certain and a well-defined policy on employee appraisal which has affected employee’s performance. The aim of this study was to investigate employee performance and the appraisal system in 911 Group Limited Company, Mombasa. The specific objectives were to ascertain the effect of appraisal feedback, appraisal standards and employee motivation on employee performance in 911 Group Limited Company. The study have benefited the top management of 911 company as they have been able to focus their attention on how to respond to employees to improve their performance. This study was anchored on four theories including Two- factor theory, Expectancy theory, Goal setting theory, and Feedback Intervention Theory. The population of the study was 200 employees of 911 Group Limited in Mombasa. Based on their involvement in the staff evaluation process and the organization's level, employees were classified into four strata, and using stratified random sampling, a sample size of 61 was selected. The Malindi branch of 911 Group Limited Company executed a pilot test with six employees. A descriptive research design was used in this study. A standardized questionnaire was used to obtain primary data for the study. Tables and figures were used to present the data, which was accompanied by narrative interpretations. From the results, appraisal feedback has a significant effect on employee performance in security companies in Kenya (= 0.424, p value 0.05). In addition, the results revealed that appraisal standards have an effect on employee performance of security companies in Kenya (= 0.963, p value 0.05). Further, the results revealed that security companies' employees' motivation has a significant effect on their performance in Kenya (= 0.356, p value 0.05). From the findings appraisal feedback has a positive effect on Kenyan security firms' employee performance The study also found that appraisal standards and employee motivation influences the performance of security firms in Kenya. This implies that improvement in appraisal feedback, appraisal standards and employee motivation would facilitate the employee performance in the organization. The study recommends that the top management of security firms in Mombasa County should create and implement strategies for increasing maximum appraisal feedback, appraisal standards and employee performance.

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