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Steven Rukumba - PhD Student, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya


The research addressed the following objectives: assessing the impact of workforce diversity on employee turnover management; and determining the problem faced in managing diversity. The study was informed by four theories; the Equity Theory; Personnel Management Theory; Organization Culture Theory; and Quality Control Theory. The study adopted cross sectional research design as it incorporated a number of manufacturing firms in Nairobi County. The population of the research included 563 manufacturing companies as per the Kenya Association of Manufacturers list. The study selected a sample of 57 manufacturing firms being 10% of the target population. The study targeted human resource managers in each manufacturing firm because of their role in recruitment and employee management. The study used a questionnaire to collect primary data and analyzed using mean, frequency distribution, percentages and standard deviation. The study established that the organizations appreciated the presence of human resource diversity and there was a positive perception of the human resource diversity in the organization. The nature of existing diversity management in the organizations was performance management and recruitment. The major source of diversity in the organization was educational background. The study also revealed that the organizations accommodated the diversities in the human resource by treating all employees with equity. It was also clear that the factors that were effective in operationalization of diversity management and the organization were performance management and training. The study also revealed that the policy that was often applied by the organization in human resource diversity management practice was equity. From the findings, the researcher concluded that the manufacturing organizations appreciated the presence of human resource diversity and it is also perceived positively by the organization. The study recommended that manufacturing organization appreciate diversity that the employees have and also learn to appreciate human characteristics that make people different from one another. This will promote employee retention and reduce attrition levels. 

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