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Mary Wangui Maina - Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya

Robert Mang’ana - Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya


Implementing the strategy provides the overarching framework against which management may succeed during tough circumstances. In today's lively global economy, companies are tasked with the enormous duty of comprehending and executing strategy. For this investigation, the focus was be on Kenya's Labor and Social Protection Ministry's ability to execute its plan. The purpose of the research was to assess the impact of organizational skills on the performance of institutions under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. The resource-based view (RBV) and contingency theory were all used as the basis for this study's findings. It made use of a process known as descriptive research. 11 institutions in the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection in Nairobi were researched throughout the investigation. All 953 management (high, middle and lower) workers at the head offices of these organizations in Nairobi were surveyed as part of this research. Stratified sampling was followed by ordinary random sampling in this investigation. Based on the Fisher Formula, 274 people were selected for study. To gather primary information, a semi-structured questionnaire was used to gather data. A pilot research was conducted with 10% of the total number of people that took part in it. Cronbach's Alpha test was used to examine the internal consistency of the methodology. The data was cleaned and analyzed using SPSS (Version 25) frequencies, means and standard deviations and multiple linear regression were done. Data was presented in form of tables. The study revealed that; a single increase in organizational competencies will lead to a significant increase in the performance of institutions under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Performance can be significantly improved by effectively developing and utilizing organizational competencies; effectively articulating leaders' visions, and focusing on the institution's mission, goals, and objectives. The study recommended that; top managers of public institutions should identify feasible competencies in employees and line managers that can stir organizational performance. A comparative research of private and public enterprises is advised; a subsequent study may concentrate on the function of strategic leadership in implementing strategy in public organizations; and a third study can examine the impact of management innovations on public organization performance.

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