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Langat Pauline Chemutai - Master of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Rongo University, Kenya

Ombito Elizabeth Khalili - Lecturer: School of Education, Rongo University, Kenya


Despite having staff training policies as well as human resource policy and procedure manual to guide and govern training and development of employees, Rongo University is still having challenges related to employee performance. Failure to attract qualified academic staff may be due to lack of opportunities for professional development in the University. This study therefore sought to investigate the influence of strategic talent management practices on academic performance of lecturers at Rongo University. To the management of Rongo University, the study provides relevant information to develop strategies in an effort to improve lecturers’ academic performance. To the policy makers, the study provides information that can be used in formulation of laws and policies that enhance talent management strategies. The study adds more information to the body of knowledge on training and development and performance of lecturers. The study used a descriptive research design. The target population of this study was 102 academic staff at Rongo University: graduate assistants, tutorial fellows, assistant lecturers, lecturers, senior lecturers, associate professors and professors. The sample size was 82 staff who were selected by use of stratified random sampling. The research made use of primary data together with secondary data. The secondary data source was the annual reports and policies from Rongo University while primary data was gathered through use of semi-structured questionnaires. Thematic analysis was deployed in analyzing qualitative data then presentation of results were in a narrative form. Through the help of SPSS (version 22) quantitative data was analyzed through use of descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. The research used descriptive statistics in determining mean, frequency distribution and percentage. Inferential statistics comprised of correlation analysis as well as multivariate regression analysis. The research results were presented in tables, bar charts and pie charts. The study found that staff training and development has an insignificant effect on academic performance of lecturers at Rongo University (p-value=0.000). The study found that Rongo University provided little training to the academic staff and about half of the academic staff had received training since they got employed in Rongo University. The study recommends that the University should provide frequent training specific for academic staff. These trainings should include research training, pedagogical training, supervision training, and leadership training. In addition, the study therefore recommends that the university should develop mentorship programs where the senior academic staff can mentor the junior academic staff.

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