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Paul Ayaka Gwaro - School of Business and Economics, Mount Kenya University, Kenya

Dr. Njeri. S. Ngacha - School of Business and Economics, Mount Kenya University, Kenya


The greatest tool for the growth of a country is through education. For such educational aims and curriculum objectives to be realized, the quality of education delivered offered to pupils in any primary school is dependent on a multiplicity of dynamics such as successful implementation of projects. Poor planning is one of the main causes of failure of many projects in primary schools. Kisii South Sub- County is no exception with many public primary schools having been victims of ineffective implementation of projects. Headteachers’ planning skills are crucial in enabling them to develop and implement infrastructure projects in primary institutions. Thus, this study aimed at examining the influence of headteachers’ involvement of stakeholders on establishment of infrastructure projects in schools in Kisii South Sub- County. Using the mixed methodology and concurrent triangulation research design, the study involved 198 teachers who filled questionnaires and 10 head teachers as key informant interviewees. Validity of the instruments was examined through expert judgment while split-half method was employed to examine the reliability. Data was analzyed using descriptive statistic and correlation analysis. The findings showed that some head teachers were keen on engaging the alternative income generating activities for infrastructure projects. Similarly, while there were relatively many of the teachers acknowledged that the head teachers showed abilities to organize for fundraising projects on their schools, a few had different practices. The correlation analysis showed that the influence of headteachers’ resource mobilization skills on implementation of infrastructure projects in public primary schools in Kisii South Sub- County was weak positive. However, the influence was insignificant. The Ministry of Education may use the study findings in evaluating and strengthening the processes of implementation of projects in primary schools.

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