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Kinara Raphael Kayago - PhD Candidate, Kisii University, Kenya

Dr. Josephine Ondari (PhD) - Lecturer, School of Business and Economics, Kisii University, Kenya

Dr. Stella Omari (PhD) - Lecturer, School of Business and Economics, Kisii University, Kenya

Dr. Caleb Akuku (PhD) - Lecturer, School of Business and Economics, Kisii University, Kenya


County governments in Kenya are devolved units which were formed constitutionally nearly a decade ago to perform particular functions. County government performance has faced a number of challenges emanating from the type of leadership embraced by each particular county. It is on this basis that this research focused on establishing the influence of transformational leadership dimensions on organizational performance of the South Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc (SEKEB) counties with the moderating role of innovation. The specific objectives were; to establish the influence of individualized consideration on organisational performance of the county governments in the South Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc and to examine the moderating influence of innovation on the relationship between transformational leadership dimensions and organisational performance. The main theory which informed this study was transformational leadership theory and supported by stakeholder, strategic leadership and resource based view theories. The study was guided by pragmatism philosophical approach. A descriptive research design was used. The target population was 408 with sample size of 289 respondents employed. Stratified random sampling technique was used for this study. Instrument of data collection was questionnaires. Reliability was ensured through the pilot study and ascertained through the Cronbach’s alpha test. Validity was ascertained through the guidance of research supervisors and by conducting confirmatory factor analysis. Analysis of the results was conducted using descriptive statistics; mean standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis, percentages and frequencies. Pearson-moment correlation coefficient was used to establish the strength of the relationship between variables. Simple linear, multiple and hierarchical regressions were used to identify the association between variables and estimate the direct effect, combined effect and the moderating effect between variables respectively. The analysed data was presented in tables, graphs, charts and figures. Research results indicated that there is a positive and significant influence of individualised consideration, inspirational motivation and idealised influence on organisational performance while intellectual stimulation attracted an insignificant influence on organisational performance. The study made the conclusion that idealised influence and individualised consideration dimensions of the leader made remarkable influence to organisational performance of county governments in South Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc. The study recommends that policy makers on county governments must put emphasis on individual consideration dimension of the leader in order to improve county performance.

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