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Kerio Achuka Samson - Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management) Kenyatta University, Kenya

Evans Mwasiaji (PhD) - Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Kenyatta University, Kenya


The Petroleum industry is crucial in facilitating global economic growth being the primary source of fuel and natural gas that facilitates transportation, power generation and is also a component in many chemicals used in the manufacture of critical products such as medicines, fertilizers, contact lenses and bandages. Despite this important role, many companies within the petroleum industry continue to face many challenges, hence the need for effective implementation of appropriate strategies to enable realization of the desired market positioning in a globalized and competitive business environment. In Kenya, the performance of Tullow Oil Company has not been on the expected trajectory since year 2010 due to many internal and external environmental factors, hence the need for this study to access the company’s strategy implementation practices and their influence on organizational performance. This study which adopted a descriptive research design was anchored on several theories including dynamic capabilities, organizational culture, and open systems. The unit of analysis for this study was Tullow Oil Company while the unit of observation selected using stratified random sampling method was eighty seven (87) managerial staff sourced from various departments that are central in the formulation and execution of strategies in the organization. A self-administered semi-structured questionnaire was used in collecting both qualitative and quantitative data in line with the specific objectives of the study. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software was used to compute descriptive and inferential statistics that were subsequently presented in tables and figures. This study with a 97.7% response rate, established that there is a positive link between the performance of Tullow Oil Company and the study variables of culture (76.52%); resource allocation (71.8%), organizational structure (69.8%), management team decisions and commitment (66.18%). This study concluded that a higher degree of strategy implementation practices led to enhanced organizational performance, and vice versa, hence their importance in facilitating the realization of Tullow Oils’ performance objectives. This study therefore recommends that the management of Tullow Oil should invest in product innovation, adopt modern technology, and capacity building for staff to develop the required competencies in line with the desired strategic changes. The national and relevant county government should review policies to improve the business ecosystem, such as reduced cost of doing business. The expected study output is enhanced organizational performance and economic growth in Kenya.

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