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Wakaraka Wanjiku Peresina - Masters of Education Degree in Education Administration, Leadership and Management, Mount Kenya University, Kenya

Dr. Mary Mugwe - Lecturer, Mount Kenya University, Kenya


Education has been considered an important element of any society from ancient times. This is because of the realization that education has the power to change society and societal norms and accordingly the level and standard of living in different periods of time. The common problem experienced in Kiambu County is that which relates to skewed students’ academic achievement. Some few schools post excellent performance and yet a majority perform dismally. Despite the primary schools in Kiambu County performing well in KCPE examinations, the same performance is not translated in KCSE examinations as the performance in almost all schools is below average. The underperformance of learners in this region has therefore led the researcher to ask whether management practices can be the main reason for the said underachievement. The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of management practices on students’ academic achievement in public secondary school in Kiambu County. The study evaluated the influence of school supervision practices and target setting on student's academic performance in public secondary school in Kiambu County. The study was anchored on the open systems theory. The explanatory cross-sectional research design was employed. The target population was public secondary school in Kiambu County. The unit of analysis was the teachers, guidance and counselling teachers, student council chairpersons, and the school principals. The sample size was determined using stratified random sampling technique. This study collected data using interview guide, document analysis guide and structured questionnaire. The data that was collected from the field was filtered, sorted and cleaned in line with research objectives. The data was then coded, entered into and analyzed using statistics software (SPSS, Version27.0). Thematic analysis entailed the creation of themes related to the study variables. Qualitative data obtained from the interviews was analyzed using thematic analysis and presented in prose form. Quantitative data and was analyzed by use of descriptive statistics. It involved calculation of percentages, frequencies, means and standard deviation. The results from the questionnaire and document analysis were presented using tables and graphs. Multiple regression analysis helped analyze inferential data. The study found that the school supervision practices involves various stakeholders in school decision making process, involves the community and parents in school improvement process, emphasizes the professional development of their teachers, and strives to improve the classroom and learning quality. Moreover, the research found that it was uncertain whether the targets set enable them to utilize their knowledge and skills. The study concludes that the Ministry of Education and Teachers Service Commission should jointly come up with a programme to educate and train the teachers on the need and importance of instructional supervision.

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