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Fredrick Irungu Gichuhi - Student, Master of Business Administration Degree, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Daniel Makori - Lecturer, Department of Accounting and Finance, Kenyatta University, Kenya


As per research, a significant portion of Kenyans do not use financial services, which also indicates insufficient investment. With the little or no uptake in household investments, there is need to sensitize and empower Kenyans who may be having little knowledge on matters investment which informs the basis of this study. This study therefore focused on savings and cooperative societies' services and their influence on household investments among Mwalimu SACCO members in Ol-Kalou town, Kenya. The survey sought to explore the influence of capital mobilization and credit disbursements, on household investments among Mwalimu SACCO members in Ol-Kalou town, Kenya. Theories underpinning this research were Neoclassical Growth Theory and Keyne's General Theory. The survey embraced explanatory research design. The target population was 154 public schools’ teachers registered as members of Mwalimu SACCO in Ol-Kalou town in Nyandarua County Kenya. A total of 64 Public School teachers were chosen at random to take part in the research as participants using a simple random sample method. The information was gathered through questionnaires. Validity and reliability tests were conducted on the questionnaires. The statistical packages for social sciences(SPSS) was utilized to analyze the data that have been obtained. Descriptive statistics like percentages, frequency, mean, and standard deviation were utilized to analyze the data. The researcher also undertook diagnostic tests before conducting inferential analysis. Correlation and regression analysis were utilized to give inferential statistics. Further data displays included figures and tables, which were followed by pertinent conversations. The study established that capital mobilization and credit disbursements, all have positive and significant correlation with household investments amongst Mwalimu SACCO members in Ol-Kalou town in Kenya. The study concluded that capital mobilization, credit disbursements, collateral substitutes and financial education have significant effect on household investments amongst members of Mwalimu SACCO in Ol-Kalou town in Kenya. Conversely, the survey recommended that the government should take this opportunity to support SACCOs in the country as this will enhance capital mobilization thus enhancing household investments. Moreover, strengthening of SACCOs will make available the highly needed credit facilities for business people and potential investors. Conversely, the study recommended that SACCO management should continue enhancing the use of collateral substitutes to unlock financial access to many people. Additionally, SACCO members should take advantage of opportunities provided by the SACCO to enhance their financial education for better investment decisions.

Full Length Research (PDF Format)