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Mercy Muthoni Kinyua - Department of Educational Management, Policy and Curriculum Studies, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Peter N. Muchanje - Department of Educational Management, Policy and Curriculum Studies, Kenyatta University, Kenya


In a school, human resource management is critical. Low staff management can be blamed for a variety of issues in organizations, including a high turnover rate, subpar job output, poor work quality, and even discipline issues. Principals at secondary schools frequently deal with challenges relating to human resource management. The study objective was to determine the effects of staff development on secondary school students' academic performance in Kiambu County. The study employed a descriptive survey research methodology. Principals and teachers from Kiambu County's, 303 secondary schools 227 public and 76 private were the study's target population. A total of 30 secondary schools were included in the study. The 303 schools were assigned to their respective sub-counties, and the 30 secondary schools were chosen at random. Principals and teachers were chosen with care. When gathering focused data, this strategy was used to pick a typical group in a population. The study used a questionnaire to gather primary data. The questionnaire had questions that addressed issues related to the study's objectives. This study made use of content validity. Before any fictitious test can be carried out, the quality of all measuring items must be confirmed, which is the aim of content validity. With the supervisor's assistance, the research instrument was created, and it was made sure that it is connected to the study objectives. The correlation co-efficient was computed using Cronbach's Coefficient alpha to determine the degree of consistency in responses acquired by the instrument each time it was administered. The study's data was quantitatively analysed. The information gathered was entered and analysed using SPSS. The mean and standard deviation were produced using the descriptive statistics tool in SPSS and displayed as tables, frequencies, and percentages. To demonstrate the strength of the relationship between staff development, performance management, pay management, and participation in decision-making, correlation analysis was utilized. The study found that that teacher’s opportunities for high-quality professional development leads to effective instructional practices which improves student academic achievement. The study concluded that that that remuneration affects the performance of teachers, improves teacher’s productivity and efficiency which has an overall effect on student academic achievement and remuneration of teachers in terms of salary, allowances and motivations contributes in the way teachers perform in school and this affects student academic achievement. The study recommend that the government should put in place mechanisms for enhancing progressive between training and development for teachers.

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