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Robert Simiyu Nyongesa - MBA Graduate, School of Business Economics and Tourism, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Hannah Orwa Bula (Ph. D) - Senior Lecturer, School of Business Economics and Tourism, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya


The purpose of this research will be to relationship between collective bargaining agreement and teacher’s performance in public primary schools in Laikipia County, Kenya. The specific objective of the research was to investigate the influence of salary and compensation structure aspect on teacher’s performance in public primary schools in Laikipia County, Kenya. A descriptive research approach was used in this study to collect data from a sample of participants using interviews or questionnaires. The study targeted the head of schools’ and two teachers per school. All the teacher employees affiliated to Kenya National Union of Teachers and Kenya Union Post Primary Education Teachers in the five education officials in the sub county were targeted for the study. This study used purposive sampling to select schools, teachers, and education managers, and snowball sampling to select labour union officials. Questionnaires were used since they are less time-consuming. A pilot test was done on 5% of the population frames who were eligible but were left out of the final study to pre-test the research instruments in order to increase their reliability. The validity of the instruments was checked and improved. During the pilot phase, the instrument for this study was pre-tested to ensure that they are accurate and that the respondents can use them. To gauge the instrument's reliability, the test-retest method was employed. This entailed administering the same test once more to the same respondents, who were chosen specifically for this and are not a part of the target population. The researcher checked, code, and process the surveys as soon as they are received from the respondents. Following the organization and recording of quantitative data in accordance with the study questions, frequency tables were created and percentages calculated. For the presentation, pie charts and other kind of presentation was exploited. The study found out that majority of the respondents were in agreement that; the trade union advocates for additional benefits such as medical and pension schemes for teachers, teachers are happy for the collective bargaining agreements addresses issues like, the benefits serve as encouragement for a teacher's performance, improved pay and benefits are actively promoted by the trade union, better pay and allowances enhance a teacher's professional performance, they are happy that collective bargaining agreement outlines specific terms, conditions, and expectations for both teachers and the educational institution in reducing misunderstandings and conflicts, allowing teachers to focus on their primary influence of educating students, improved working conditions enhance a teacher's professional performance. The study concluded that there was an average or divided mindset as regards to statements that competitive salaries and benefits, as established in a collective bargaining agreement attract skilled educators to the profession and encouraged experienced teachers to perform better while the fair compensation negotiated boosted teacher morale.

Full Length Research (PDF Format)