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Mercy Jerop Kiplagat - School of Business, Economics and Tourism, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Chrispen Maende - School of Business, Economics and Tourism, Kenyatta University, Kenya


For strategic plans to be effectively implemented there is need to adopt an integrative and multifaceted approach. This involves the adoption of Information Communication Technology (ICT) to support institutional strategic-plans implementation. ICT includes a collection of the entire systems, architecture, resources and infrastructure that facilitate communication and transmission of information. In Kenya, many organizations have adopted diverse forms of ICT to facilitate strategic plan implementation. Consequently, studies have examined the perceived role of but most of these studies have not addressed this phenomenon in the county governments. The paper investigated the influence of ICT on strategic plans implementation in Baringo County. The specific objectives were to determine the influence of ICT human capability and systems planning on strategic plans implementation in Baringo County. The paper was anchored on the human capital theory and the McKinsey’s 7s theory and focused on the descriptive survey design. Chief executive officers, members of county assembly, chief officers, heads of departments and ICT experts from Baringo County provided data. The questionnaire was adopted to collect data. Data was analyzed by the use of means, standard-deviations, Pearson’s correlation and multiple regression analysis. The results revealed that 51.9% of the variance in strategic plans implementation in Baringo County was influenced by ICT human capability while 42.1% was influenced by ICT systems planning. The study concluded that to implement its strategic plans, the county government of Baringo must develop its ICT human capability by investing in ICT infrastructure and aligning the existing ICT infrastructure to the county’s goals of service provision and overall operational strategy. It was recommended that flexible ICT infrastructure should be procured to facilitate the implementation of strategic plans Baringo County.

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