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Hussein Kalil Abdi - Student, Master of public Policy and Administration, Kenyatta University, Kenya

David Minja - Professor, Department of Public Policy & Administration, Kenyatta University Kenya


Devolution has the potential to enhance access to key services in Wajir County by bringing decision-making and service delivery closer to the local population. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of governance practices on effectiveness of service delivery in Wajir County. The study specific objectives were to examine how accountability and transparency influences rural development in Wajir County. Specifically, it aimed at assessing the changes in access, quality, equity, efficiency, and public satisfaction and participation in key decision making resulting from the shift in governance structure and decision-making authority from the national government to the county government. This study was guided by several theories including the good governance theory, participatory development theory and stakeholder management theory and conceptual frameworks to analyze the effect of county governance practices on accountability and service delivery effectiveness. This study utilized a mixed-methods approach to gather comprehensive and robust data. Quantitative data is collected through structured surveys administered to a representative sample of county government workers in Wajir County. The surveys captured information related to access to accountability, perceptions of service quality, satisfaction levels, and equity in service delivery. Qualitative data was obtained through in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with key stakeholders, including county government officials, county management and lower carder staff in the county. These qualitative data sources provide insights into the contextual factors, challenges, and potential opportunities associated with devolution and its impact on service delivery effectiveness and public participation on key decision making processes. The study reveals that transparency in communication, information access, and public service delivery is relatively well-established within the county. The study concluded that governance practices are important in promoting rural development. The study recommends that county governments should find ways of promoting policy initiatives to enhance transparency, policy implementation, and accountability to promote sustainable rural development in the region.

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