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Waswa Wabwile Brian - Student, Master Policy of Arts (Public and Administration), Kenyatta University Kenya

Wilson Muna - Lecturer, School of School of Law, Arts and Social Sciences, Kenyatta University, Kenya


Violent extremism has negative consequences to both the country and the citizens. A number of researches have been conducted on the subject but none has focused specifically on the role of national Government in countering violent extremism. This study aims at establishing the role of National Government in countering violent extremism in Mandera County; Banisa Sub County. The independent variables for this study are: awareness creation, coordination of internal security and information sharing. The dependent variable for this study is countering violent extremism. The study reviewed available literature and the theories related to this study. This formed the basis of the conceptual framework. The study adopted descriptive case design as it research design. The target population consisted of internal security team members, chiefs and assistant chiefs, sub county terrorism unit and village elders from which a sample of 165 respondents were randomly selected. The study used both primary data collected by open and closed ended questionnaires and secondary data collected from existing reports and literature. The study results and findings may be useful to both security teams in counties as well as the national government. Other scholars may also use the findings for further research while the citizens may be aware of how to contribute to countering violent extremism. The study found the existence of relationship creation of awareness, coordination and information sharing with countering violent extremism. The study concludes that national government played a significant role in countering violent extremism.

Full Length Research (PDF Format)