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George Sananka Ole Katumpe - School of Business and Economics, Daystar University, Kenya

Dr. Joanes K. Kyongo - School of Business and Economics, Daystar University, Kenya


In the recent times, organizations across the globe are faced with new challenges due to the generational challenges which must be faced with new approach and handled with extreme care due to the nature of their upbringing. The purpose of the study was to look at the difficulties millennials confront and how their actions impact productivity. Millennials face a variety of difficulties, such as intergenerational conflict at work and generational conflict inside organizational hierarchies. Millennials lack appropriate communication skills, especially with different generations, and are preoccupied with finding a job that will allow them to live comfortable lives. They also want rapid career advancement and tend to be capitalistic naturally though few are socialistic. While millennials' tech-savvy conduct increases efficiency at work, their impatient behavior negatively impacts their productivity. Millennials are known for their inability to focus at work, addiction to social media, indecisiveness, sensitivity to the opinions of others, and constant desire to fit in and be accepted. Particularly when it comes to their interactions with their bosses, millennials lack formality, which is perceived as disrespectful. When a fresh chance presents itself, they will change occupations. It was also found that millennials perform well in teams, which fosters creativity within the company. Because of their capacity to quickly adopt new technologies, millennials have changed the way that work is done in organizations, leading to increased efficiency. Businesses should develop efficient ways to engage millennials on a range of organizational issues and include them in critical decision-making processes. Millennials are impacting global market trends; thus, it is important to include them on boards. If they are underrepresented, businesses, regardless of their industry, may face dangers.

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