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Reuben Obiero - Master’s Student, Department of Management Science, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Lucy Ngugi - Lecturer, Department of Management Science, Kenyatta University, Kenya


Businesses are increasingly using e-procurement around the world, thanks to technological advancements. The e-procurement is critical to attaining organizational objectives. However, the county governments have significant challenges in adopting e-procurement processes in their operational. Clearly, the benefits of implementing important e-procurement processes are not visible in a regressive government climate. Companies who employ e-procurement in their procurement operations, typically experience benefits such as cost reductions, data exchange, and simpler procurement processes. This survey aimed to explore the effect of e-procurement practices on the performance of Kiambu County Government. The study objectives include; to assess the influence of e-auction, e-tendering, e-ordering and e-invoicing on the performance of Kiambu County Government. The study anchored by Auction Theory, Resource Based View (RBV) Theory and Technology Acceptance Model. The study utilized a descriptive survey research design. The survey targeted 216 staffs drawn from procurement department and finance department working at Kiambu County Government. Stratified random sampling technique was utilized to choose 65 participants. The data was gathered through questionnaires. The collected data were examined using SPSS v.26, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. To present the examined data, frequency tables, means, and standard deviations were used. The findings of the study revealed that E-auction improves efficiency in procurement process which involves the savings of time for sellers and buyers. E-tendering results to a shorter tender invitation procedure and resulted in more transparency in the tendering process. E-ordering enhances timely order acquisitions and delivery. E-invoicing reduces errors in payment and boost accountability and transparency. The findings revealed that e-auction, e-tendering, e-ordering and e-invoicing significantly affect the performance of County Government of Kiambu. The study concludes that e-auction, e-tendering, e-ordering and e-invoicing positive significantly enhanced the performance of Kiambu County Government. Through e-auctions, governments save a lot of time and money while also giving suppliers a chance to expand into new markets. E-tendering significantly reduce costs while increasing the operation efficiency of public sector tendering. E-invoicing enhances performance by facilitating an organization's smooth operation. The study recommend that county government should improve accounting, recording, and reporting through appropriate invoicing mechanisms. Requisition, tendering, contract warding, and payment should all be included in the automated procurement process. Additionally, the county government should improve the delivery of public services by giving both the national and county governments timely, transparent, and accurate financial and accounting information. The county administration should use electronic ordering, especially for processing purchase orders electronically.

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