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Purity Jebor Ainea - Student, Master of Public Policy and Administration, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Edna Moi - Lecturer, Department of Public Policy and Administration, School of Law, Arts and Social Sciences, Kenyatta University, Kenya


The structure of the county directorate and budget allocation affects citizen petitions and participation in the county’s development. With the increasing population, development planning is informed by the community's needs. However, this takes time to happen due to the existing structures and mechanisms. This study aimed to explore the effects of the Citizen Petition and Participation Act, of 2016 on economic development in Kiambu County, Kenya. The study objectives were; to examine the specific provisions and components of the Citizen Petition and Participation Act, 2016 in Kenya, to investigate how the Citizen Petition and Participation Act has been implemented since its enactment, focusing on economic development decisions, and to determine the impact of the Act on citizen participation in the governance of Kiambu County. The research adopted agency and stakeholder theories to illustrate the relationship between the right holders and duty bearers. The study employed a mixed research design. The study targeted residents living in Kiambu County. However, a sample size of 120 respondents was drawn from the twelve sub-counties with a balanced sex and gender representation through, a sampling of key informants. The study also engaged the directorate of public participation and, the budget and implementation committee of the county assembly. Data collection was done through the administration of questionnaires and focused group discussions. Data collected was coded, analyzed, and presented through tables and charts. The findings revealed that the Citizen Petition and Participation Act of 2016 in Kenya encompasses several specific provisions and components aimed at promoting citizen engagement in governance processes. The Act establishes formal mechanisms for citizens to petition the government on matters of public concern. These petitions address a wide range of issues, including economic development, social welfare, environmental protection, and governance reform. From the findings, the study concluded that the Citizen Petition and Participation Act has served as a valuable tool for promoting citizen engagement in economic development processes within Kiambu County. The Act has empowered citizens to voice their concerns, advocate for their economic priorities, and participate in decision-making on matters related to economic development. The County Government of Kiambu should implement targeted awareness campaigns and educational programs to inform citizens about their rights and the mechanisms available under the Citizen Petition and Participation Act. This includes workshops, community forums, and information sessions aimed at educating citizens about how they can use the Act to influence economic development policies and decisions.

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