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David Nganga Mburu - Master’s Student, Public Administration and Management, Mount Kenya University, Kenya

Dr. Ruth Winnie Munene - Lecturer, Mount Kenya University, Kenya


Mainstream government have suffered serious setbacks in most government institutions with policymakers in public administration largely remaining unskilled in ICT creating a gleaming future for SDGs implementation. The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of digitalization on sustainable development goals implementation in public administration in Kenya. The objectives of the study were to examine institutionalization of digital technologies. The study was anchored on the transformative approach perspectives to public administration, and structural-instrumental perspective theories. The study adopted descriptive design, case study method was most appropriate to obtain qualitative evidence from multiple sources and gain theoretical proposition. The study used mixed method approach that is both quantitative and qualitative methods. The study employed structured questionnaires were administered to target within the government ministries that includes directors, senior managers and ICT Officers. The study will apply purposive sampling and snowball sampling to sample the target respondents. Data analysis methods were employed which included coding and categorization, tabulation, thematic analysis and use of statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS Version 23). Validity test of the research instrument was done to ensure it measures what it claims to measure. Reliability coefficient was determined using Cronbach’s Alpha. Ethical consideration regarding integrity and quality of the study, privacy, the confidentiality of the data given by respondents were put into consideration. Based on the findings the study concluded that the study indicates that there was a moderate positive and statistically significant correlation between Institutionalization of digital technologies and implementation of Sustainable Development Goals SGDs (r = 0.565; p < 0.05). This implies that there was correlation between institutionalization of digital technologies on implementation of Sustainable Development Goals SGDs in public administration in Kenya. The researcher recommended that organizations should install computer technology tools, software’s and databases for tracking, monitoring to enhance implementing SGDs efficiently. Institutionalization of digital technologies should be strengthened to sustainable development goals implementation in public administration in Kenya. Coordination of ICT Infrastructure should be enhanced to sustainable development goals SDGs. There should be internalization of digital skills to enhance sustainable development goals (SDGs). This study suggests that future studies should be done to establish digitalization challenges on implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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