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Rotich D. C. - Kenya Methodist University, Department of Information Science, Kenya

Mathangani S. - Kenya Methodist University, Department of Information Science, Kenya 

Nzioka C. - Kenya Methodist University, Department of Information Science, Kenya


This research evaluates records management as the basis for public accountability at the Kenya National Assembly. Public and private institutions have obligations to be answerable to those who have assigned such responsibilities to them. Public accountability mainly regards matters in the public domain, such as the spending of public funds, the exercise of public authorities, or the conduct of public institutions. Without proper records management, accountability, transparency and efficiency in organizations would be heavily compromised, leading to corruption and loss of confidence. Efficient records management is key to efficient resources management and public accountability. This study is guided by the following specific objectives; Establish the current records management infrastructure at the Kenya National Assembly; Investigate the extent of Information Communications Technologies use at the Kenya National Assembly in the management of records for enhanced public accountability; Identify the challenges associated with the management of records at the Kenya National Assembly. The study adopted a qualitative research design and used stratified sampling to come up with 5 staff categories out of 12 categories. Interview is a method of data collection that the research preferred which is explained as a dialogue between two or more people. Various techniques and methods of data presentation and analysis were used: They are: Pie-Charts, Tables and Graphs. Opinions were collected from various officers under the selected departments (ICT, Library section, Registry, and Hansard). The findings were discussed in line with the topic of this research as well as the objectives and thereafter the recommendations were indicated in line with the respondents’ perspective.

Full Length Research (PDF Format)