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Emily Mutali - Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Strategic Management), School of Business and Economics, Moi University, Kenya


This study sought to determine the role of sustainable people, process and organization management in emerging markets with a view to enhancing the practice of leadership, performance and management of the bank and other organisations in Kenya. Based on the Transformational theory of leadership, the study determined the effect of the various leadership styles and behaviours on management of change, realization of change objectives, employee morale, motivation and their overall satisfaction with their jobs. The results from this study indicated that different leadership styles were adopted in the organization depending on the situation so as to reinforce the need for change. A significant majority of interviewees reported that the involvement of employees in the decision making process of the firm made them feel included in the change management process and the firm’s leadership recognized the employee’s efforts by making the work environment conducive for their participation. The researcher recommended that given the importance of proper leadership during the process of management of strategic change in the emerging markets, it is mandatory that organizations select the type of leaders with the necessary set of skills and abilities in order to ensure that the change management process is handled correctly.

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