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Mohamed Alio Isaack - Ph.D Student, Sudan


Islamic education has existed side by side at times without dissonance but more often than not with conflicts and disagreements.  Over  the  years,  the  failure  of  Muslim  children  to  attain  the same level of participation in education as well as academic success compared to members of  other faiths  has  made  actors in  Islamic  education  to  pursue  an  innovative alternative  system  of  education  that  allows  children  to  receive  the  two  types  of education at the same time and in the same venue. In kenya, Islamic education has  caused  duality  of  education  namely  modern schooling  offered  in  the  formal  schools  and  traditional  Islamic  religious  education provided in the Qur‘anic schools and Madrasas . This has been coupled by parent‘s fears ‘for their children to lose their identity as Muslims due to the strong non-Islamic influence in the formal schools. In  a  bid  to  have  the  children  benefit  from  formal  education  and  still  fulfil  their religious obligation of getting the basic religious knowledge, without having to attend several  institutions,  some  Muslim  organizations  and  individual  entrepreneurs  have established what are referred to as  Islamic Integrated schools‘ in the predominantly Muslim   regions   of   North   Eastern,   Coast   province,   Nairobi,   Western   province particularly  around  Mumias  and  Kakamega. The study  noted that in the teaching  and learning of  IRE one can  get a proper understanding  of  what  is  meant  by  a  truly  religious  approach  to  life.  Going  by  the  spiral presentation of the themes, it is evident that the IRE curriculum has been developed based on the precepts and tenets of Islam which are further drawn from the first two sources of Sharia(Islamic Law) that is, Quranand Sunnah. The role played by the Nairobi Province IRE panel in  organizing educational  symposiums  and  rallies  and  the  content  of  the  rallies  have  been identified.

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