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Rehema Nyanchoka Ocharo - Masters of Business Administration (Project Management), Kenyatta University, Kenya

Gladys Kimutai - Lecturer, Department of Management Science, Kenya


The project management practices are those fundamental issues inherent in the project, which must be maintained in order for team work to take place in an efficient and effective manner. They require day to day attention and operate through the life of the project.  It is interesting to find out whether project managers in the power sector are aware of the project management practices and how the factors under their control impact on the outcomes. The objectives of this study were to establish the effect of project planning, monitoring, evaluation and stakeholder’s participation in power sector projects in Kenya. The study used explanatory survey research design. The study was anchored on stakeholders and resource based view theory. The population of study involved the organization top managers, project managers, project engineers, consultants, procurement and accountants who were involved in construction projects in the power sector. A census of 380 respondents involved in projects from the companies was carried out. The primary data was collected by use of self-administered survey questionnaire. Data analysis was done by use of descriptive statistics such as frequencies, percentages, mean scores and standard deviation. The study concluded that most power projects in Kenya are well planned but those plans were not well implemented and did not fully involve all the stakeholders when they were in the project design stage and that project monitoring, assessment; follow up, evaluation and feedback were not adhered to making the project implementation process below expectations. The study recommends that project planners need to involve all stakeholders in designing the project, monitoring it, controlling it and evaluation. Evaluation need to be applied in every project via participatory method which facilitates communication of challenges and successes in the project implementation process.

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