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Ivy Mukami Njeru - Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. Stephen Wanyonyi Luketero - University of Nairobi, Kenya


The study was guided by the following objectives: To determine the influence of skills of monitoring and evaluation team on performance of medical camp  projects in  hospitals; to establish the influence of stakeholder involvement on performance of  medical camp projects in  hospitals; to determine the influence of resource allocation on performance of  medical camp  projects in hospitals and finally to examine the influence of adoption of monitoring and evaluation systems on performance of medical camp projects in hospitals.  The study targeted a total population of 1,225 participants, the participants are categorized into two that’s is population 1,005 patient and 220 Key stake holders whom they include project directors, coordinators, project field officer’s sponsors, patients and partners who are involved in sponsoring and partnering with hospitals and medical centre in providing free medical checkup in Embu County.  The researcher used a sample size of 167 respondents, from that sample size 159 filled in and submitted the questionnaires making a response rate of 95% while 8 respondents never filled the questionnaires making a response rate of 5%. The 159 respondents consisted of 61 key stakeholders and 98 patients. The study finding were patients highly rated the services provided by medical camps in Embu as of very high quality this implies that the performance of medical camp is good since its satisfies its target group. Based on the first variable which was skills of monitoring and evaluation 55(90%) stated that skills of M&E team influenced performance at a very great extent. Based on the second variable which was stakeholder involvement 42(69%) stated that stakeholder involvement influenced performance at a very great extent, Based on the third variable which was resource allocation Conformity to project budget example bill of quantity inclusion of monitoring and evaluation budget influenced very high 61(100%) and Adequacy of budget funds 61(100%).This implies resource allocation is very key in monitoring of Evaluation of any project and it influences performance of medical camps 100% .Based on the fourth variable which was adoption of monitoring and evaluation systems 37(61%) respondents stated monitoring and evaluation systems was very effective on performance of medical camp while 15(25%) stated it was effective. This implies that monitoring and evaluation systems influenced performance of medical camps.  It was observed that training of monitoring and evaluation in equipping them with the right skills should be properly formulated and adhered. It was preferred that stakeholders should fully participate in decision making and planning and designing medical camp projects to ensure effective performance. It was also observed to consider the interest of; the community and relevant institution. Based on the findings of the study, the researcher recommends that: Training programmes for monitoring and evaluation Team should be reviewed during and after its completion to ensure the monitoring team have the right skills. The project team must also pay proper attention to the identification and impact assessment of projects decisions made by stakeholders outside their influence authority.

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