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Reuben Omuko Ombiro - Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. John Mbugua - Senior Lecturer, Open and Distant Education Learning Campus, University of Nairobi, Kenya


The failure of interlocking red bricks technology in Isiolo County construction project is mostly related to the problems attributed to technical data of ISSB technology is still insufficient, leading to skepticism of the technology amongst construction industry professionals. Unfortunately, some projects provide new accommodation that is unaffordable to many low-income households and thus failing its true cause. The purpose of the study was to establish the factors affecting the use of interlocking red brick technology in housing project in Isiolo County. The study was guided by the following objectives; to determine the effect of availability of technology, construction cost, access to equipment by CBOs and individuals, perception of the quality of building blocks and training on use of interlocking red bricks technology in housing project in Isiolo County. The study was grounded on the adoption and diffusion theory. The target population for this study composed of the county representatives, contractors and project management committee members. A sample size of 156 for the study with the population of 262 was obtained using Morgan and Krejcie (1970) model. The study was significant in disseminating interlocking red brick technology information and making the stakeholders aware of the availability of this technology. Primary data was obtained using self-administered questionnaires. The drop and pick method were preferred for questionnaire administration so as to give respondents enough time to give well thought out responses. Data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS Version 25.0). All the questionnaires received were referenced and items in the questionnaire were coded to facilitate data entry. After data cleaning which entailed checking for errors in entry, descriptive statistics such as frequencies, percentages, mean score and standard deviation was estimated for all the quantitative variables and information presented inform of tables. Inferential data analysis was done using multiple regression analysis. The study found that in Isiolo County the use of interlocking red bricks in housing projects is positively and significantly affected by availability of construction technology, cost of construction, access to construction equipment by individuals and quality of building blocks and training. The study concluded that availability of construction technology had the greatest effect on the use of interlocking red brick technology in house construction in Isiolo County, followed by access to equipment by CBOs and individuals then perception of the quality of building blocks then construction cost while training had the least effect to the use of ISSB construction technology in Isiolo County. The study recommends that National Government in conjunction with the County Government should ensure that the numbers of machines for supporting the use of interlocking red bricks technology are sufficient. That there is a need to harmonize the construction cost so as to promote the interlocking red bricks technology, that the County Government need to sensitize the residents to adopt use of the ISSBs in houses construction since they offer better internal climatic conditions than other modern materials and that training on ISSBs should be done since it forms an integral part of ensuring improved houses and imparting important skills, which the trained can use in income generating activities.

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