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Wanuma Joseph - Master of Business Administration Degree (Strategic Management), Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Rosemarie Wanyoike - Department of Business Administration, Kenyatta University, Kenya


Delivery of most projects and programs by the UN, INGOs, NGOs and other charity organizations have not to expectations due to poor structures, weak systems and above all poor management of the ever-dynamic environment, resources, technology and stakeholders. Change management is an efficient method to manage engaging people in a relationship to advance from their present state to a desired future state. Without agreeable change administration, there is a high peril of dissatisfaction for the use of another business system or working model, or a program to decrease expenses and improve operational efficiencies. While passing on change organization support to our clients, we alter formal and easygoing interventions to ensure that pioneers drive and great illustration the change, people all through the affiliation grasp better methodologies for working, and the business preferences of the change are kept up. The general goal of the study was to set up the impact of progress management and execution on enhancing program conveyance at UNICEF. The destinations of this investigation were to decide the impact of authority change, changes in innovation and changes in authoritative structure on improving project conveyance at UNICEF. The examination was tied down on stakeholder’s theory, resource-based view theory and teleological theory. The investigation utilized descriptive research design. The objective population of this investigation included all staff of UNICEF workplaces in Nairobi, Kenya drawn from the head office in Nairobi who aggregate to 106. Stratified random sampling was utilized to choose the sample size of 33 which is 30 percent of the aggregate investigation populace. The investigation utilized both primary and secondary data. Primary data was gathered through a semi organized poll regulated to staff utilizing pick and drop strategy and through email conveyance while secondary data was gathered from the program execution reports, venture designs and money related explanations. Quantitative information gathered was examined by the utilization of measurable Package for Social sciences and exceed expectations. Findings are displayed by utilization of tables, frequencies, rates, means and standard deviation.

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