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Franklin Mukembu Mucee - Shahada ya Uzamili, Idara ya Kiswahili, Chuo Kikuu cha Kenyatta, Kenya

Prof. G. K. King’ei - Idara ya Kiswahili, Chuo Kikuu Cha Kenyatta, Kenya

Dr. R. M. Wafula - Idara ya Kiswahili, Chuo Kikuu Cha Kenyatta, Kenya


The topic of research entailed to undertake a study in Science fiction in selected Kiswahili novels. The novels Bina Adamu by K. W. Wamitila (2002) and Babu Alipofufuka (2001) by Said A. Mohamed were used in this research. The books were selected through purposive sampling. This research intended to reveal that science fiction is a genre in Kiswahili literature particularly in Kiswahili novel and can be used to show the theme of science and technology as an important theme in the cultural back ground of people using Kiswahili as a language of communication. The objectives of this research are to show the meaning of science fiction, characteristics of science fiction in these novels and also investigated whether these novels have elements of science fiction and the styles of narration which make these novels science fiction. Science fiction theory was used to analyze these novels. This theory is allied to Jules Verne and H.G. Wells who are the proponents of this theory. This theory has tenents such as science and technology of present and future tense, alien world, the setting not well defined as well as showing the effects of science and technology on culture. The data was collected from the library guided by the objectives of the study, therefore literature review was in tandem with the objectives of the study. Other relevant literature related to the topic of study of research and objectives of the study was reviewed. The selected novels Bina-Adamu and Babu Alipofufuka were read in detail to reveal the important data related to the topic and objectives of the study. The data was then analyzed by noting down important details guided by the objectives of the study. The data was presented through vivid explanation and description in line with objectives of the study. This research is important in that the topic on science fiction is related to science and technology which deals with alien and new discoveries. The research has lead to coining new words in Kiswahili language leading to expansion and growth of Kiswahili language and new terminologies. The research has proved that science fiction is a genre in Kiswahili literature and it can be taught at secondary and university levels of education.

Full Length Research (PDF Format)