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Samuel Menza Mkutano - Master of Business Administration (Project Management), Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Paul Sang - Lecturer, Department of Management Science, School of Business, Kenyatta University, Kenya


Achievement of a project means that a number of its perceived factors were attained. It is not guaranteed that project management practices will result to success of funded projects by Micro finance institutions. However, the success of projects largely depends on the way it is managed and controlled. The challenges met during the execution of project management practices has been during project planning, exceeding the set budget and going beyond its set schedule and poor quality. This study sought to determine the role of project management practices on the performance of non-governmental organizations projects within Nairobi City County, Kenya. The study also sought to find out the effect of communication, project planning, stakeholder involvement, monitoring and evaluation on the performance of non-governmental organizations projects. The study guided by theory of constraints, the contingency theory and agency theory. This study used descriptive research design. The target population of the study was 201 NGOs operating in Nairobi County.  Stratified and simple random sampling was used to select 50% of the target population thus 100 NGOs in Nairobi County. This study made use of primary data. The study collected primary data by use of questionnaires. After confirming that all data filled in was accurate, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics was utilized to analyze quantitative data. Descriptive statistics included frequency distribution, percentages and measures of central tendencies (mean). Inferential statistics used included correlation and regression analysis to show the nature and magnitude of the relationships between the variables. The data was then presented in tables and graphs. On the other hand, qualitative data was coded thematically and then evaluated. Content analysis was used to analyze qualitative data that was, data collected from open ended questions. The study findings indicated that there was improved project performance due to effective use of project management practices such as communication, planning, stakeholder participation and monitoring and evaluation of project activities. The study concluded that project communication significantly affects the project outcomes, therefore, clearly establishing and managing the structures of communication on project must always be on the agenda of team leaders and management before the commencement of every project. The study further concluded that planning, stakeholder participation and monitoring and evaluation had a positive and significant effect on project performance. The study recommends that the organization should enhance and embrace active communication throughout the organization. The stakeholders and community at large needs to be sensitized to understand the need for project planning, monitoring and implementation at all levels. The study also recommends that stakeholders should be included in all pre-implementation and inception meetings as well as their views being incorporated in planning and execution.

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