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Joan Wanja Githinji - Master’s Degree (Human Resource Management), Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Jedida Muli - Department of Human Resource Management, Kenyatta University, Kenya


High performing organizations have remained focused on employee feedback and as a result, have achieved significant business results through enhanced levels of employee engagement. Attractive and competitive organizations constantly work towards increasing the value of their human resource. The success of any organization depends on human resource. An organization may have equipment’s and resources but cannot succeed without people. Employee engagement is therefore done to bring about a situation in which the employee by free choice has an intrinsic desire to work in the best interest of the organization. Employees who are engaged give organizations crucial competitive advantage including higher productivity and lower employee turnover. This study investigated the effect of employee engagement strategies and performance of Airlines in Kenya case of Air Kenya Limited. This study was guided by the following specific objectives; to establish the effect of employee compensation, work environment, training and career development and employee involvement and participation on performance. The study was anchored on the following theories; Social learning theory, Dual theory of Motivation, three component theory of engagement and self-determination theory. The research design was descriptive census survey. The target population was 191 management employees at the Air Kenya Limited headquarters. Stratified random sampling design was used to develop a sample of 48 respondents who represent 25% of the target population.  The study relied on primary data that was collected by use of structured questionnaires. The study found out that leadership networking, employee compensation, employee involvement, training and work environment were less than 0.05 an indication that the variables significantly influenced performance of Air Kenya Limited. The study concludes that incentives and bonuses were useful to motivate for targets attained. The firm embraced a conducive working environment for all staff. Trainings were evaluated to establish their influence on staff performance and output. The training was internal and external training in addition the firm encouraged mentorship programs and outsourced experts to train staff. Staffs had their own union to air their grievances and they were involved in service quality improvement. Employees were always represented in management meetings. The company ought to have an m-commerce platform for clients to rely on it. There is need to increase extra sales since it attracts commissions for staff and the company ought to have a standard payment system for all staff. Firms need to embrace a conducive working environment for all staff. Management of employees ought to be investigative approach to staff monitoring and ought to give employees chance to come up with new ideas and implement them. The firm needs training programs for staff for each level to increase their competent levels. Trainings ought to be evaluated to establish its influence on staff performance output. Staffs ought to have their own union to air their grievances and need to be involved in service quality improvement. Employees ought to be always represented in management meetings.

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