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Richard Omollo Omondi - Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management Option), Kenyatta University, Kenya

Janet Muthimi - Department of Business Administration, Kenyatta University, Kenya


Knowledge is currently recognized as an essential resource in any organization thus viewed as a fundamental element of business success. The ability to collect, integrate and apply specialized knowledge of members of the organization is critical to the ability of a firm to sustain and create the industry`s competitive advantage. Knowledge is an important factor in non-governmental organizations whose successful application helps them deliver the desired social impact. This knowledge in the most organization is however diffused, and not properly recognized. This study sought to determine the effect of knowledge identification, knowledge acquisition, knowledge sharing and knowledge storing strategies on program implementation at CARE International Kenya. The specific objective was to determine the effect of knowledge repository on program implementation at CARE International Kenya. This study employed a descriptive survey design which is the most suitable since it ensures that the obtained data provides suitable answers to the research questions.  The unit of analysis was CARE International Kenya while the unit observations were employees’ working with CARE International Kenya. The target population of the study was 324 employees working with CARE International Kenya at their offices in Nairobi. The study’s sample size was the 179 employees at CARE International Kenya. Primary data was analyzed. Primary data was gathered from the employees using structured and semi-structured questionnaire. Pre-testing and validation of the questionnaire were done by conducting a pilot test. Descriptive statistics were used in evaluating quantitative data gathered and it was carried out using SPSS version 21 and Microsoft Excel. The presentation of the findings was through presented tables, charts, and graphs. The association among the variables was analyzed using multiple regressions analysis. The study established that knowledge repository, knowledge identification, knowledge acquisition, and knowledge sharing had a positive relationship with program implementation at CARE International Kenya. The study recommends that the organization should provide their employees with library facilities that are well equipped to ensure that the staffs are able to sharpen their skills and expertise and also provide a suitable environment that will encourage employees to stay. Management of the organization should ensure that their systems and applications are right so as to ensure that ideas are captured and shared within the organization and help avoid incidences of memory loss.CIK should organize frequent workshops for their staff as this will enable them to share knowledge among themselves and acquire more skills.

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