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Francis Kipsang Kipturgo - Masters of Business Administration, University of Nairobi, Kenya


The primary purpose of the study was to study the strategic role of branding in building competitive advantage at Kenya Wine Agencies Limited. The interviewees were the human resources manager, public relation manager, the finance manager, brands manager, sales and distribution manager, production manager and managing director. The primary data was collected using an interview guide.  Qualitative data was analyzed using content analysis. Content data analysis sought to make general statements on how categories or themes of data are related. In assessing the holistic view of strategic role of branding in building competitive advantage, emphasis is made to the brand itself, rather than simply the product. Thus  the brand is considered to be the sum of all elements of the marketing  mix:  product  is  just  one  element,  alongside  price,  promotion  and distribution. This holistic view is more relevant to the current environment of international brand management. In other words, it is comprised of traditional and international marketing strategy that includes product, global communications, and channel management. This views a brand as a total value that contains intangible composite mixed elements. In other words, this brand value goes beyond the total impact of the combination of the marketing mix. It represents the synergistic effect of all marketing efforts that instill and perpetuate an image in customers’ minds, and will finally contribute to the success of a firm in an international market. The study recommends further research on the role of ensuring that the front and managerial staff produce a good product, provide a positive customer experience, and pay more attention on operating procedures of wine agencies. The policies, processes, and standards could be employed to smooth operations, create value, and offer a positive customer experience. From the study, there is need to focus on things like customer incentive programs in relation to the strategic role of branding in building competitive advantage at wine agencies in Kenya.

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