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Benard Nyambane Makori - Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management), Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Godfrey Kinyua - Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Kenyatta University, Kenya


The banking industry in Kenya operates in an ever changing environment which is often manifested by innovative technology and demands of their customers forcing them to keep on changing their strategies so as to enhance their performance. The effects of dynamic environment have led cooperative bank to face challenges in achieving their expected performance due to high competition posed by the other commercial and non commercial banks. Therefore, in a highly uncertain and changing environment the bank needs to effectively implement their strategies. This study aimed at assessing the influence of organizational leadership on Co-Operative Bank of Kenya’s performance. The study was anchored by resource based view theory, leadership contingency model theory, stewardship theory and the path goal theory. Descriptive survey research design was utilized. The target population was comprised of 148 respondents involving the top level management, middle-level and Lower-level managers. Data was collected using questionnaires and analysed using both descriptive and regression statistics. The study established that organizational leadership had a positive and significant influence on organizational performance. The study concludes that organizational leadership determines the strengths and weaknesses of different employees and delegate work accordingly. The study recommends that the leadership of the bank should create an organizational culture where people know they are valued, heard, empowered and encouraged.

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