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Doreen Kanana Majau - Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Dr. John Wanjohi - Senior Lecturer, Department of Physics, University of Nairobi, Kenya


Employee performance continues to be a major hurdle for county governments in Kenya. The purpose of the study was to determine the factors influencing employee job performance with a focus on the projects ran by county governments, with a focus on Meru County. The study was be guided by the following objectives: To examine the influence of organization culture on employee job performance in Meru County; to determine the influence of adequate funding for county projects on employee job performance in Meru County; to assess how employee remuneration/compensation influences employee job performance in Meru County; to examine how training influences employee job performance in Meru County; and to investigate how work environment influences employee job performance in Meru County. The study was also be guided by several theories. The target population for the survey will be 185 departmental technical staff of Meru County government. The study adopted a descriptive design and pick a sample size of 126. The instruments of data collection in the study was questionnaires. Data analysis will be done using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 21 software. Quantitative data was analysed and presented through descriptive statistics; however, for qualitative data, detailed narrative was used to summarize data. The quantitative findings of the study was be presented using tables. The study concludes that organizational culture influences the effectiveness of any employee and that the involvement of top management in any project venture positively the outcome of the project. Further, the study concludes that teamwork is paramount for it allows an employee to take responsibility in decision making while allowing other members to take charge of the project outcomes. In addition, it is concluded that communication flow should be encouraged to ensure clarity of outcomes. In addition, the study concludes that time management is of essence in a project work to ensure adherence to timelines for timely project completion. The study also concludes that rewards for exemplary performance should be considered to motivate project staff. Concerning funding of projects, the study concludes that adequate funding should be factored during budgeting to ensure that project is completed as scheduled. Further, the study concludes that in many instances, funds for projects were released late jeopardizing the project outcome. It is also concluded that project funds are well managed and projects are at a high percentage completed on time by the contracted entity. On employee remuneration and compensation, the study concludes monthly salary as well as allowances motivates project staff to perform optimally in project work. Concerning training of project staff, the study concludes that most of the employees are not privy to the presence of a staff training guideline and a result, the employees do not take advantage to so as to seek County sponsorship for professional courses. Nevertheless, the study concludes that training is essential for optimal job performance. As regards workplace environment, the study concludes that there is not enough space for working effective working of the project staff, but there is enough office furnishing meaning that the staff are congested in there working places. On the employee performance, the study concludes that employees complete their projects on time while adhering to professional conduct in execution of project work.

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