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Irene Chepngeno - Master of Business Administration, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya

Dr. Susan Wasike - Senior Lecturer, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya

Ms. Priscilla Mote - Lecturer, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Kenya


This study examined the influence of strategy implementation on the performance in the Floriculture organizations with a specific reference to Winchester Farm Ltd. The study specifically focused on the influence of strategy evaluation, organizational structure, policies and programs, and budget and allocation of resources on the performance of Winchester Farm Ltd. A case study research design was adopted in this study. The target population was one hundred and eighty employees and twenty six managers. The sample size was fifty four employees and twenty six managers. In total, they were sixty three respondents. However, only forty eight employees and nineteen managers responded back. Simple random and census sampling technique was used to select the sample size. Questionnaires and interview guides were used to collect the data. Quantitative and qualitative approaches were used in analyzing the data. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 21) was used for coding the information obtained from the questionnaire and summarizing it into frequencies and percentages. The summarized information was presented using tables, figures and pie charts. The open ended questions were analyzed qualitatively and integrated within the quantitative data. The analyzed information was used in coming up with conclusions and recommendations. From the analysis, it was established that the coefficient of determination for the optimal regression model indicates that 69.6% of the variation on organizational performance is influenced by strategy implementation. The implication is that, there exists a positive significant relationship between independent variables and organizational performance of Winchester Farm Ltd (p<.030). The influence of Organization Structure (Beta=.124), organization policies (Beta=.183), allocation of resources (Beta=.114) and strategy evaluation (Beta=.160) are positively related to the organizational performance in Winchester Farm Ltd.

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