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Ndege Jacob - Master of Business Administration, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Henry O. Kegoro - Lecturer, School of Business, Department of Business Administration Kenyatta University, Kenya


Meagre profits, shrinking market share and deteriorating customer loyalty among savings and credit cooperative societies in Kenya not only make management to review marketing strategies but also to rethink on brand equity in order to enhance customer loyalty. This study aimed investing the effect of brand equity dimensions on customer loyalty of savings and cooperative societies in Embu County, Kenya. The specific objectives of the study were to determine the effect of brand awareness on customer loyalty of Sacco’s in Embu County. Further, the study sought to determine the moderating effect of customer characteristics on the relationship between brand awareness and customer loyalty of Sacco’s in Embu County.  The study was anchored on consumer utility theory. The study adopted cross-section research. The target population of the study comprised of 4,014 customers from 30 Sacco’s operating in Embu. Simple random sampling technique was adopted to select respondents of the study. Israel formula was used to calculate the ideal sample of 364 respondents. Primary data was collected from respondents by the use of structured questionnaires with open and closed ended questions. Secondary data was collected from published materials such as financial statements and marketing plans. Data was analysed using descriptive and regression analysis methods with the help of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) software version 24.  Descriptive statistics such as mean scores, standard deviations, distribution tables and percentages were used to summarize the responses and to show the magnitude of similarities and differences while R-square was used to determine the predictive power of each individual variable on the dependent. The analysed data was presented in form of Table and Figures. The results revealed that there existed a positive relationship between brand loyalty and customer loyalty. Brand awareness was significant (r = .616, p < 0.023). This study concluded that Sacco’s were experiencing deteriorating performance in terms of customer loyalty due to inability to create maximum awareness of their products and services. This study recommends that top marketing managers of Sacco’s should utilize modern technologies such as social media to enhance customer loyalty.

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