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Justus Nzonzo Mutua - Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management), Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Elishiba Murigi - Department of Business Administration, Kenyatta University, Kenya


Corporate strategy largely focuses on the organization, and the nature of authority distribution among the stakeholders. An organiation’s management is basically focused  on the business’s growth, control of its daily cash flows and establishment of corporate  synergies via resource development and sharing. Most SACCOs have orthodox corporate governance whose ability to come up with innovative strategies to improve performance is wanting. To have an edge in the competitive economic environment, good performance is not optional but a key pointer of meeting its goals and day to day operational obligations for SACCOs. Poor corporate strategies have been cited as major cause of banking failure and crisis which have negative repercussion on economic growth. According to studies reviewed there are challenges in strategic managment in SACCOs thus many are unable to compete with other financial sector players. The research aimed at examining   the impact of corporate growth strategies on the performance of SACCOs  in Kitui County.  The study is to be based on  key specific  objective involved with  examining the impact  of product  innovation cost leadership,  focus and  product differentiation strategy  on the  performance of SACCOs in Kitui County.  In support of the research are four key theories of Ansnoff’s product market growth approach, the game approach and stakeholder theory as well as the Porter’s generic model.  The study intended to utilize descriptive   research technique while focusing on 3 SACCOs operating in Kitui County. The study selected 129 management staff participants from the 3 Sacco’s with sample of 65 being considered as the target population. The study utilized self-administered questionnaires in collecting primary data     which was analysed by descriptive  statistics  like  percentages, standard deviations, and  mean with the support of SPSS and  presented  via  percentages,  graphs , chart and   tables. Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation (r) was derived to reflect on the  strength  of the connections. Adjusted R2  was also utilized  in measuring the amount of variation in the dependent variable performance as explained by the independent variable. Academicians and researchers gained knowledge and ideas on loan recovery and strategic interventions and use the same to advance research in their fields of interest in researching more from the gaps identified in this study. It was established that corporate growth strategies selected which include cost leadership, product innovation, market focus and product differentiation significantly and positively influence the performance of SACCOs in Kitui County. The study concluded that the SACCOs to a significant extent embraced cost leadership strategy through embracing high levels of efficiency, technology, lean operations and optimizing on resource use in a diligent and transparent way. It was further concluded that the SACCOs applied product innovation strategy to a significant extent through creation of new products, improved service delivery, customizing products to market needs and coming up with new proudcts. The study also concluded that  the market focus strategy was applied to a moderate extent by the SACCOs to improve their performance and to a little extent applied the product diversification strategy by making their products unique, distinct and embracing quality. The study recommends that the SACCOs need to employ hybrid strategy which involves integration of the corporate growth strategies to achieve peak performance.

Full Length Research (PDF Format)