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John Chege Muikamba - Masters in Business Administration (Management Information Systems), School of Business, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Nzuki David - Management Science Department, School of Business, Kenyatta University, Kenya


The performance of employees in public sector has called for attention from academicians, practitioners and researchers as a result of performing poorly over years. Even though the government put a lot of efforts towards 2030 sustainable development goals, the quality of good and services is still poor and continues to perform shoddy works. Though in Kenya performance of employees in public sector enterprises is significant to government service conveyance, it’s regrettable that stakeholders complained around destitute service delivery. This study therefore sought to determine the effects of ICT on how staffs perform in the public sector in Nyandarua County, Kenya. Major objectives were to determining the impacts of ICT hardware, ICT software, ICT policy framework and ICT Support staff on staff performance at Nyandarua County. This study used both descriptive research and explanatory research design. The population of target consisted of 60 workers in the IT department in that County. The study was guided by resource-based theory, theory of Planned Behavior and Technology Acceptance Model. This study adopted census used where every individual in the division of IT in that County was involved. The size of the sample therefore consisted of 60 respondents. This study utilized primary data in form of questionnaires which were open-ended questions and closed-ended questions. A pilot study was conducted to test the validity and reliability of the data where 6 respondents were involved. Inferential and descriptive statistics were applied in conducting the analysis. This gave reports that were quantitative by use of percentages, tabulations and measures of central tendency. The multivariate regression model, and correlation, and analysis of variance (ANOVA) explained how much variables related to each other. The study revealed that ICT Infrastructure, social media applications, Efficiency of ICT software applications, ICT Support staff, and ICT Policy Framework all had a significant influence on employee performance.  The study concluded that the quality of ICT hardware at Nyandarua County enables faster processing of data as well as transmission, the integrated IT system provided a competitive edge for the County, ICT support staff at Nyandarua County helped in handling and integrating the ICT applications and other software an attribute that enhanced staff performance and that IT policy indicates the enforcement procedures in case of inappropriate use of IT systems. This study recommended that County government must consider procuring ICT hardware system that is are compatible, easy to configures, portable, space conservative, resistance to breakages. Procurement of ICT software by the County governments (on shelf or toiler made) must be comply with quality standards described through flexibility in use by the end users, easy to maintain, cost effective and durability. The County governments need to ensure that all applications installed or updated to the main County ICT system are backed with intensive training to all employees so as to eliminate utilization challenges that employees may face, the organization must come up with strong regulatory policy framework that clearly stipulates extent or ways through which employees may utilize ICT system and its applications and procedure in solving ICT related complains whenever they arise.

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