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Ongolo Judith Akinyi - Master Degree, Public Policy and Administration of Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. D. M. Muia - Department of Sociology, Kenyatta University, Kenya


Leadership and economic empowerment are factors that have been associated in Leadership is a complex process by which persons in power influence their followers, civil society and wider public to accomplish societal goals. Political leaders are necessary for initiating as well as for hastening the process of change in any society. It may be social and/or economic change, constitutional change or political change. In all these processes of change, political leadership plays an important role. Political leaders carry out the process of change by applying their leadership attributes like politically relevant beliefs, socially adored values, generally approved character, wide knowledge and wisdom acquired through learning and experience. This study therefore sought to establish the influence of political leadership on economic empowerment in Siaya County, Kenya. The specific objectives were to: Assess how decision making by the leadership influence economic empowerment, Establish the influence representation of leadership has on economic empowerment, Determine the effect of democratic leadership on economic empowerment, and to Identify challenges faced in the leadership of Siaya County. A descriptive survey study design was used. The target population for this study was 166,460 households in Siaya County. The study employed a multi-stage random sampling with a sample of 400 participants. The study used primary data obtained from participants through a semi-structured questionnaire. Quantitative data was analyzed through SPSS which generated frequency distributions, percentages and mean scores. The analyzed data was presented using charts, graphs and tables. Qualitative data was analyzed through thematic summary analysis and presented through prose form, and quantitative data has been coded and analyzed by SPSS tool. The researcher obtained consent approval from NACOSTI and approval from the subjects before interviewing them.  The information obtained is confidential and the identities have been made anonymous. The study findings indicate the need for leaders to uphold honesty, accountability and transparency as key qualities to leadership positions. Effective representation by the leadership demands that the community needs to be engaged in the implementation of the County agenda, including in decision making which has been strongly highlighted as a major issue of governance as depicted by Siaya residents. The study concluded that Representation of leadership and leadership control or democratic leadership have some impacts on economic empowerment. The economic development of any country is highly dependent on good leadership. The study recommends that there is a need for communities in Siaya County to actively participate and be involved in the decision-making processes of the County.

Full Length Research (PDF Format)