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Susan Wairima Ndumia - Master of Business Administration, St. Paul’s University, Kenya

Wanjiku Ng’ang’a - St. Paul’s University, Kenya

Dr. David Kabata - St. Paul’s University, Kenya


The general objective of the study was to investigate the effects of product and pricing strategy on the sales revenue of commercial printing firms. The marketing mix theory and competitive signaling theory guided the study. This study adopted the descriptive research design. The population of the study included all 68 commercial printing firms operating in Nairobi County and the respondents included a total of 136 marketing managers and supervisors. Census technique was adopted where all the marketing managers and supervisors from all the printing firms were included in the study. Information was gathered using first hand sources covering questionnaire that will be piloted to ensure it is valid and reliable. The analysis of the gathered information was done with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) both qualitatively and quantitatively. Descriptive statistics were used to describe data in the form of means and standard deviation and inferential statistics were used to draw inferences. The study findings were presented in form of charts, tables and graphs and through the use of qualitative and quantitative techniques. From the results of descriptive statistics, it was shown that most of the respondents agree that products of high quality command high sales, the participants in the study further agreed that intrinsic value of their products influence their internal sales performance. Based on descriptive statistics, it was shown that respondents to this study expressed satisfaction with regard to value based pricing being able to increase sales volumes; the respondents agreed to the use of penetration pricing in setting of prices in a bid to up the sales volumes; they agreed that use of penetration pricing leads to adoption of products thereby increasing sales’ performance. The study recommends that printing firms should enhance their product attributes in terms of branding, product design and quality specification. In addition, it is important that printing entities in Nairobi focus on analyzing the pricing mechanisms and strategies embraced so that they are well aligned with the overall brands.

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