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Godfrey Mwenda - School of Business, Department of Business Administration, Kenyatta University, City Campus, Kenya


Having a working strategy helps organizations to find solutions to their problems and challenges, by creating new capabilities and improve the existing ones as they endeavor to improve performance and growth. Strategic decisions are the decision and the choices that organizations make to have an outstanding performance. In the constantly changing business environment today the old traditional, hierarchical top bottom management approaches are not effective any more. This has resulted to firms employing and relying more on culture, simple rules and regulations and strategic direction that guide the actions and practices of the individual actors. These guiding actions and practices are the ones referred to as the strategic orientations. Strategic orientation in itself does not necessarily give an organization a competitive advantage in the market or an outstanding performance as a standalone, but the interrelationship of the different strategic orientations. This study will focus on the four key strategic orientations, Entrepreneurial, customer, market and technological orientations. The study will endeavor to establish the impact of this strategic orientations on the growth of the firm. The many studies that have been done have indicated the strategy orientation has a positive impact on the firms growth. However little studies have focused on all the four strategic orientation together in an organization and assess the impact on growth, which is the purpose of this study. In the empirical study will seek to answer the question, if the interrelationship of the strategic orientations have an impact on firm’s growth? The findings of the study will help the top management team of the organization with the understanding of the impact of the strategic orientations on the firm. This study will enhance the decisions they will have to make on the interrelationship of the strategic orientation with the endeavor to grow the organization they lead.

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