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Anthony Muriu Njang’iru - Master of Business Administration (Project Management), St. Paul’s University, Kenya

Dr. John Muhoho - Senior Lecturer, St. Paul’s University, Kenya

Robert Abayo - Lecturer, St. Paul’s University, Kenya


The rise in urbanization has significantly affected the growth of various industries, including the construction industry. Continuous population growth in major cities has led to an increase in the need for quality infrastructure and housing. This phenomenon has been associated with an increase in the number of construction companies, as well as related activities in equal measure. Advancements in the construction industry and the utilization of space vertically have necessitated the installation of lifts and escalators in tall buildings. Project performance is measured against several metrics, key among them being the quality of the deliverables, the time taken to complete the project, and the cost performance indices. A common problem faced in implementing projects is cost overruns. This problem is often associated with some underlying causes such as poor quality, resource, and stakeholder management. This study focused on the influence of quality management practices on the aspect cost performance of lift and escalator projects in Kenya. The study assumed a descriptive research design, with the target population being employees from the 36 registered lift and escalator companies in Kenya. Particularly, the study’s sample contained project managers charged with the responsibility of existing lift installation projects undertaking by the outlined companies. A census study was implemented and included all the project managers from the 36 lift companies in Kenya. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used in the computer-aided data analysis in Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Collected data was analyzed and presented in tables, graphs and percentages. The study implemented the linear regression model in depicting the dependent variable as an equation of the independent variable to facilitate predictions of changes in the outlined variables. The numerical measures of central tendency which are mean, dispersion and standard deviation were used in summarizing the collected data. Calculation of the questionnaire’s internal consistency revealed an alpha value of .94, which ascertained the reliability of the data collection tool. The study revealed a significantly strong positive relationship between quality management and the cost performance of lift and escalator projects. The respondents noted that all the elements of quality management, that is, planning, assurance, and control, impact the cost performance of projects. From the study’s findings, the respective companies should focus their efforts on the management of resources.

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