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Njoki Ndung’u - Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management), Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Lucy Kavinda - Department of Business Administration, Kenyatta University, Kenya


The   strategic management plays a key role   in  tableting   and    assuring   appropriateness of the strategic themes. The research aimed at determining the role of strategic management   activities on hotels   performance in Nairobi City. In accomplishing the  research   key  objectives are to be valued  which  include    establishing  the  influence of  strategic  planning, formulation  , implementation  and monition  and  evaluation  on the   growth of  the  country’s    hotel   sector. In    enhancing the research’s   objectives are    the      theories such as     knowledge based model, organizational theory and    resource based approach.    The research utilized   descriptive   research design    with key target pollution being    250 employees across the 25   three start hotels    in the city county.  The research adopted 30%    sample   selected via   stratified random sampling. In collecting the  research  data  ,    semi-structured   questionnaires are to be used   among  the  major respondents who   were both from   administration,  strategy , human  resource   and  finance  departments.  The research   conducted   a pilot study to help in validating the     research instruments. The  research’s   quantitative  data was gathered  v= and analyzed   through  descriptive  statistics     by the use of  SPSS  and    be presented via     means  ,  frequencies  , standard deviation and means.  It’s  important that the research is  to be of great significance to  the    hotel  sector as they will    understand the  efficiency  of  strategic   management  in  relation to  its  performance. The study concluded that strategic management practices employed by three star hotels in Nairobi City County positively and significantly influenced their performance. The study concluded that the hotels significantly embraced strategic planning through their vision, mission, management, communication strategies and use of analytical instruments which enhanced their performance and supporting their goals. The study concluded that the firms embraced strategy formulation to a significant extent through proper selection of strategy approaches based on risks and results expected and also selecting strategies that are in line with organization mission and vision, based on past experiences and research to reduce chances of failure. It was further concluded that the firms embraced strategy implementation by ensuring the strategies have been implemented as planned, within budget, time schedule, engaging management and modern technology. The study concluded that the firms to a significant extent have embraced M&E as a strategic management practice through use of performance-based monitoring program, feedback mechanism and making adjustments based on the feedback. The study recommends that the three star hotels need to improve their strategy formulation strategies with proper planning, involvement of major stakeholders and due diligence before implementation. The study recommends further that the firms need to enhance continuous and consistent monitoring and evaluation to ensure proper strategy implementation. The management need to ensure M&E feedback is integrated into the strategic management process.

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