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Givan Mtana - Master of Education in Educational Administration, School of Education, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Daniel Mange - Department of Educational Management, Policy and Curriculum Studies, Kenyatta University, Kenya


Across the world, education has been, is and will be viewed as the world’s largest investment. In the  developed  countries  like  USA  and  Canada  education  is  given  the  largest  share  of  the governmental budget. Greatly emphasized on in these countries is the education that is aimed at developing a child and preparing the child for the other chores in the society. In this view, the Sustainable Development Goals emphasized on education for all across the world and the role early childhood education for both the developed and developing countries. The Kenyan government has adopted the early childhood education Programme and funding has been ongoing for almost 8 years now and some little achievements have been made though the programme is still faced by numerous challenges. As such, this study sought to determine the determinants of administration of early childhood education (ECE) in Kilifi South Sub County. The specific objectives were; to establish the effect of devolution on staffing on the administration of early childhood education (ECE) in Kilifi South Sub County; to assess the effect of organizational culture on the administration ofearly childhood education (ECE) in Kilifi South Sub County; and to determine the effect of financial resourceson the administration of early childhood education (ECE) in Kilifi South Sub County. Descriptive study design will be employed in this study. The target population for this study involved all the head teachers manning the 60 public ECE centres in Kilifi South Sub County and county education director ECE of education. The sample size for this study included 61 respondents. The study applied semi-structured questionnaires and interview guide. Secondary sources of data will also be used so as to enrich data collection. The supervisors and peers who have taken courses in statistics and research methods assisted in reviewing the instrument to address its content and face validity. The test-retest method was used to determine reliability of the questionnaire. The researcher administered a set of semi-structured questionnaires through a pilot study to appraise the questionnaire soundness of the items and to estimate time that was required to answer the items. The researcher sought approval from the graduate school, after which an introductory letter will be sought from the University department. Also, a research permit to conduct research from NACOSTI was sought. Quantitative data obtained through questionnaires was fed into the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20 which was used to analyse data that will be gathered during the study. The results were presented in tables. Qualitative data will be analyzed thematically and presented through verbatim reporting. The study showed that there was a great influence/relationship between the staffing, organizational culture and financial resources in the successful administration of ECE in Kilifi County. The study recommends that both the county government and the national government should allocate sufficient funds through the ministry of education to accelerate the implementation of ECE programmes in the county. 

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