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Purity Kathure Miriti - Phd Candidate in Mass Commmunication of JKUAT, Kenya

Prof. Hellen Mberia - Lecturer, JKUAT, Kenya

Prof. Hellen Mberia - Lecturer, Chuka University, Kenya


Sexuality plays a very significant role in the lives of both boys and girls. Teacher communication is therefore important in preventing teenage pregnancies among students in secondary schools. Students who receive training and instruction about how to communicate with their teachers about sexual issues, become more adept at it and express more intent to do so hence a greater impact on preventing teenage pregnancies. The aim of this study was to establish the advisory communication function of teachers in preventing teenage pregnancies in Narok County Kenya. A mixed research design was used in the study. It combined qualitative and quantitative study approaches. The population of the study included all the 8994 female students of Narok County from 52 secondary schools in the Narok County in the year 2019. The respondents were aged between 13-19 years attending both boarding and day public secondary schools in Narok County in both. Stratified technique of sampling was used to sample the population into strata. The study selected proportionally the subjects from different strata. Total study sample size was 536; 500 respondents for the questionnaire, 12 for the interview, and 24 for the focus group discussions. A questionnaire, key informant interviews and focus group discussions were used to collect data. Quantitative data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences computer software package (SPSS statistics version 22). Descriptive statistics drawn include mean, and standard deviation which were presented in tables, frequencies and percentages. Inferential statistics drawn include multiple regression and correlation analysis. Qualitative data was analyzed by coding, identifying recurring themes and data patterns consisting of words and observations of respondents. The study concluded that perception of the function of school counselors contrasted greatly between teachers and counselors. The misperceptions result in inconsistent, incomplete, or ineffective guidance programs. The study found that perception of the function of school counselors contrasted greatly between teachers and counselors. Thus the school administrators and teacher counselors should always consider these misconceptions when establishing guidance and counseling services. The teachers should be provided with communication skills they can adopt while communicating with the students about sex issues.

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