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Mate Nimrod Njueh - A Masters Student of Kenyatta University, Kenya

Prof. David Minja - Lecturer, Kenyatta University, Kenya


The attainment of Universal Primary Education (UPE) has been one of the major developmental goals of the Kenya government. To achieve this goal, the government, has adopted several strategies and measures since independence, the latest one being the declaration of Free Primary Education (FPE) in January 2003. However, despite all these efforts, the attainment of the goal of UPE seems to be elusive. The purpose of this study was to find out the determinants of effective implementation of Universal Primary Education in Makadara Sub County, Nairobi County. The study objectives involve; to find out effects of stakeholders’ involvement, availability of resources and school management on the implementation of Universal Primary Education. The study adopted a descriptive research design. The study targeted a total of 114,457 males, 104, 104,184 females and 72,924 households in Makadara. This is according to Kenya Burea of statistics. The study use stratified random sampling technique to select the sample. The study will group the population into strata. From each stratum the study will use a simple random sampling to select respondents. Therefore, the study sampled 300 respondents. The study used questionnaires to collect data. Data collected was analyzed with aid of SPSS. The study found out that there was 84.8% of corresponding change in implementation of universal primary education in every change in all the three predictor variables jointly. Test of overall significance of all the three variables jointly using ANOVA at 0.05 level of significance found the model to be significant. The study recommends that the government should focus on provision of adequate resources to facilitate implementation of Universal Primary Education. Stakeholders should be involved and seminars, workshops and training facilitated to all to create awareness and educate them on their roles in the implementation of UPE.

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