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Musya Titus Kyalo - Master Student, Kenyatta University

Peter Philip Wambua - Supervisor, Kenyatta University


Many organizations are finding it very difficult to maintain their cause as a result of these changes. Organization can maintain their economic stability by adding value to their intern and external processes. The main focus of this research was to establish the influence of human resource planning on performance of Selected Africa Inland Churches in Mwingi North, Kenya. The study sought to assess effect of employees training and development on performance of Selected Africa Inland Churches in Mwingi North; This study was guided by resource based theory, and human capital theory. The study used descriptive survey design. Target population included church elders, pastors, church secretaries, church treasurer and elders of church members’ organizations. The total population was therefore 512 members of Africa Inland Churches in Mwingi North, Kenya. The study sampled 30% respondents from every stratum. The study collected both primary and secondary data. The primary data was collected through structured questionnaires which were self-administered while secondary data was obtained from the church publications and records, journals and published materials. The study concluded that to a significant extent the AIC churches embraced employee training to improve their capacity and subsequent performance based on organizational needs, having training policies and processes, integrating technology, having regular training and evaluating the processes to measure employee performance. In conclusion, the organizations to a moderate degree incorporated employee development practices which ranged from coaching, employee development policies, creating a conducive working environment, competitively remunerating employees and motivating them which contributes to improved performance for both staff and organization. The study recommends that the AIC churches need to enhance employee training and development to improve their capacity to perform their duties and responsibilities. The research did recommend that the firms should develop employees through team development, mentorship and clear policy framework to enable them be more effective.

Full Length Research (PDF Format)