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Beatrice Naburi Nakholi - Master in Arts Social Transformation, Sustainable Development, Tangaza University College, Kenya


Most schools in developing countries dustbins are used in collecting waste and unfortunately burn the waste in the open. The majority of the schools have inadequate facilities that would help in waste management. The aim of this study was to establish the factors that enhance sustainable waste management in Rusinga schools. A descriptive research design with qualitative and quantitative approaches was used in the study. Data was collected using self-administered questionnaires and face to face interviews with a target population of 330 students, 7 staff members of Rusinga School, 9 from County Government of Nairobi and 4 from Taka Taka solutions. The sampling procedure was guided by both probability and non-probability sampling techniques. Findings showed that factors that enhance sustainable waste management include knowledge and skill on waste management, regular collection of garbage, recycling programmes, sorting and collection of garbage and making informed decisions on the goods we use that lead to waste formation. The study observes that knowledge and skill is an essential factor in sustainable waste management in schools.

Full Length Research (PDF Format)