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Caroline Wangui Kariuki - MBA Candidate, Department of Business Administration, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. David Kiiru - Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Kenyatta University, Kenya


The current study therefore sought to determine the effect of employee recognition on employee performance. The study was anchored on Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory, Equity Theory, Vroom’s Expectancy Theory and Hierarchy of Needs Theory. A descriptive survey research design was applied on a target population of 1005 staff working in the 5 public health facilities in the county as gathered county government of Nyeri (2019). Proportionate stratified random sampling techniques were applied for sample selection. The research relied on primary data which was collected through questionnaires. The sample was made up of 151 respondents and comprised of different classes of workforce including top management, middle management, supervisors and regular staff working in the five public facilities. The drop and pick method was used in administering the questionnaire. The study evaluated validity of the instrument through expert opinion and pre-testing. Reliability was tested through Cronbach’s alpha reliability analysis. Descriptive statistics (means and standard deviation) and inferential statistics (regression analysis, correlation analysis and analysis of variance) were included in the analysis. The regression analysis results provided evidence that employee recognition (β=0.767, p=0.022), has a positive and statistically significant effect on employee performance. In addition, the results of Pearson correlation analysis indicated that employee recognition (r=0.794, p=0.011) has a strong positive and statistically significant relationship with employee performance. Although employee recognition was largely used as a component of total reward system, the hospitals had only moderately established an enhanced system of financial bonuses for appreciating superb performance. As such, the study recommends pursuit of bonuses such as spot, quarterly, annual bonuses as a way of motivating the employees to better their performance. In addition, the study recommends the improvement of the system of service awards by introducing honours such as employee of the year awards.

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