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Walter Cheruiyot Siongok - Master of Science in Procurement and Logistics, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture, Kenya

Dr. Noor Shalle Ismael - Lecturer, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Kenya


The general purpose of this study was to establish the role of quality control system on procurement performance in Kenyan state corporations: A case of KeNHA. Quality control system plays a pivotal role in enhancing procurement performance of state corporations in Kenya. In the past procurement performance in public institution were marred by inefficiency due unstructured system and lack of institutional framework. Therefore, the study sought to establish role of quality control system on procurement performance of State Corporations in Kenya. The objectives of the study included assessing how quality control planning, policies, procedures and reporting influences procurement performance in State Corporations. Theoretical review of theories related to the study also formed the basis for the study, the empirical literature and conceptual framework put the study into perspective. The study highlighted the research gaps which has not been exhaustively covered by previous researchers and consequently prompting the researcher to undertake the study. Additionally the study contained the research design explicitly detailing how the research objectives were met in a target population of 50 respondents stratified into four classes: departmental heads, all managers, senior procurement officers and head of procurement function. The researcher used primary data collection method, which included the use of questionnaires containing closed as well as open questions to facilitate gathering of information. The data gather was processed and consequently reliability of the instruments was tested alongside the pilot study. The data was analyzed using SPSS (version 22) and presented using tables and charts. The study found that quality control system affects the procurement performance of KeNHA. Equally, quality control planning, quality control policies, quality control procedures and quality control reporting affects the procurement performance of KeNHA. The study recommends that for KeNHA must validate procurement functions to realize full benefits. By means such as planning, controlling and determining appropriate methods for monitoring, measurement and analysis, the process of procurement and management of material resources will have an important contribution to improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. The management of KeNHA should use bottom up approach of management for effective implementation of quality control system. The implementation of QC system should support the Corporation’s business strategy. 

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