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Benson O. Sila - Master’s Student, Department of Security and Correction Science, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Dr. Casper Masiga - Lecturer, Department of Sociology, Gender and Development Studies, Kenyatta University, Kenya


Trends of criminal activities can be defined as major changes in the nature of selected criminal activities over time in a specific geographic area. Criminal activities are part of human nature and society. That is why there is no society that can be completely free from criminal activities. In most cases, Trends of criminal activities tend to follow the patterns of social, and economic development of a given urban settlement or society. This study investigates the trends of criminal activities on the safety of persons and property in Nairobi City County, Kenya 2011-2021.One of the objectives was to establish the types and changing patterns of criminal activities in Nairobi City County Kenya. The study used Routine activity theory to understand the types and changing patterns of criminal activities in Nairobi City County. The study embraced a descriptive research survey design whereby a target population of 271,290 households were used in the study. The main respondents in the study were Kenya Police Officers, the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, household’s heads, and County Administrators. The study utilized simple random and purposive sampling techniques with a sample size of 225 respondents. The study used focused group discussions, interview schedule, rules and questionnaires on collecting data for the study. In the study 2015 questionnaires where used whereby respondents returned 200 questionnaires in time. The findings were presented in tables, graphs, and pie charts, while qualitative data were analyzed through the themes and patterns formed and presented in narrative verbatim quotation forms. The research findings revealed that pickpocketing led with 55 percent as the major type of criminal activity, 51 percent assault, and 35 percent gangs as some of the least occurring criminal activities in Nairobi City County. According to the study, the researcher noted that increasing day and night patrols, installing surveillance cameras in buildings, revitalizing the Nyumba Kumi Initiative, reducing corruption among civil servants, and educating youths on the dangers of drugs and substance abuse would all help to create a long-term solution to end criminal activity in Nairobi City County.

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